The Crew

paul - the mad scientist/engineer

“You can make homebrew in that!” (Quote – Yr 12 yearbook) 

“Making beer started early. There was no measuring and the only thing that mattered was how strong can we could make it. It tasted rough, real rough but I’m happy to say lessons have been learnt.”

“Since taking over the brewery in March 2019, It is still crazy to think that I go to work each day to make beer! The best part is having a legitimate excuse not to shave.”

Position: Owner/Head Brewer

Favourite Non BNT Beer: Green Beacon ‘7 Bells’ Passionfruit Gose

Favourite BNT Beer: ‘Shipwrights’ English Bitter

Favourite Beer Style: West Coast IPA

dean - rain man of beer

“It’s safe to say I have a pretty obsessive personality, if you can find me a beer I’ve never tried, I’ll buy it, just so I can say I have.”

“My goal is to create a bar atmosphere like I saw on TV growing up, everyone should always feel welcome to come in and have a chat, talk a bit of crap, and leave feeling better than they did coming in, no matter who they are, or what they’re background is. I love chatting to new people and hearing different stories from different perspectives and upbringings.”

“Also, I have a sweet tooth, and I bloody love Lucky Charms.”

Position: Taproom Manager/Beer Connoisseur/Quality Control

Favourite Non BNT Beer:  Sydney Brewery East Coast IPA

Favourite BNT Beer: ‘Davis Dark’ Belgian Dark IPA

Favourite Beer Style: Milk Stout

alexi - The New Girl

“After picking up a habit of drinking beer during the pandemic, my thirst for coffee was converted to beer.”

“From managing restaurants & cafes, to recently starting study and working at BnT, I couldn’t be any happier. Learning from these guys, the knowledge and art to beer, i’ve definitely taken an appreciation for the taste. Every time I come to work I cant wait to see what they have produced next.  “

Position: Service Extraordinaire 

Favourite Non BNT Beer: Stone & Wood ‘Cloud Catcher’ Australian Pale Ale

Favourite BNT Beer: ‘Jon PIIPA’ American Double IPA

Favourite Beer Style: Session Ale